Objective: Prevent the copter collision with an obstacle.
Solution: Using the IR sensor GP2Y0A02YK0F when a critical distance to the obstacle stop moving in this direction, or even begin to move in the opposite direction.
Special features making decisions: for the least interference with the code ardupilota and reduce CPU use ardupilota ardumini to work with sensors. Sensors are connected to ardumini, interviewing them and transform the data into centimeters. Ardumini ardupilot to connect using port I2C. The code for arduikopter have a sketch in which UserCode and put our code to respond to the data from the sensors.

Question: can anyone implemented similar and can help? What other options for connecting sensors are possible solutions to the problem.

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I'm currently designing a board that will connect any Sharp analog sensor via I2C. https://code.google.com/p/bot-thoughts-sharpi2c/

It performs oversampling and filtering onboard to provide a clean signal. I'm working on distance conversion now.

Via solder jumpers, any of 27 unique I2C addresses can be selected.

To read data, simply issue start, send address, request two bytes send stop. The board defaults to sending the high and low byte of distance data to minimize bus traffic and simplify use.

You can also easily set and get the effective resolution and filtering (and whatever other parameters I end up adding)

Now... what to *do* with the distance data? That I can't help with :)

Very interesting. Earlier in the forum was to describe the development quadrocoptera with infrared sensors based on Arduimu.
Is it possible to make a similar-based APM 2.5? Who has done this and can help to make?

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