Two of my customers have trouble setting up the Pixhawk - I myself have a Pixhawk, but don't use a Futaba receiver, thereby I can't replicate the problem (I would like to find out if the problem is connected to the receiver they use, or something else).

Both use a Futaba R7008SB receiver.
Both managed to upload the Firmware to their Pixhawks - but they are not able to do the radio calibration (the Pixhawk doesn't "see" the receivers, the bars in the calibration are all grey).

They have nothing else connected to the Pixhawk, except receiver (connected to the right port / RC), buzzer, safety switch and USB cable.

The Pixhawk signals via the big LED "pre-arm check failed" (which makes sense ;)

They power the Pixhawk via USB and at the same time with a LiPo (via the Power Module).

The receiver is "found" by the remote, the LEDs are on, the setting of receiver and remote (regarding the use of the SBUS) seems to be right. They use the right port of the receiver to connect to the Pixhawk.

I am happy about any suggestions ...

Thanks a lot in advance


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Thanks for all the info guys, I had it running for a while ( throttle needed reversing but all else was good). Strangely after 5 or so minutes it all went wrong. The roll now also does throttle and yaw, the throttle only does channel six and everything else is inop- I swear I did nothing! I'm sure this is a personal issue, kobus is right- it's a lot of new tech to get on top of quickly. Happy days!
Hmm, ran with qcontrol to check-same issues. Reflashed back with mission planner and it all works again. Think I will wait for stable version, just incase - the machine is too valuable......

I decided to buy the PPM Encoder because of the issues I have been having.  I was able to even arm the Pixhawk using the PPM Encoder.  So I am able to use the current release.  I found a video online to show how to arm the Pixhawk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u9DUDT2Ovg)  I don't remember seeing anywhere that you need to pull the two control sticks down and together of the transmitter to arm, but it works so I am happy.  Now I just need to get the servo connected to the Pixhawk

Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to overcome this problem? After reading all the comments I am not sure what does and doesn't work.

I have received my pixhawk today and have a T14SG radio and R7008SB receiver. I have set the receiver to mode B and plugged the servo cable into channel 8 on the receiver and RC in on the pixhawk. Is there anything I need to do on the Tx? It is currently set to FASSTest-14CH.

SBus doesn't seem to be working at the moment.  I would say best option is just to buy the PPM Encoder and use that for now

I went back to SBus, because I couldn't just leave the problem alone just to try things again after it was working with the PPM Encoder

This is what I did

Reverse throttle on the transmitter

Plug a battery into the Pixhawk

Flash 3.1.4 of any firmware

Plug the GPS in correctly as shown in the picture.  Note, there are more pins on the Pixhawk than on the cable


Leave the Pixhawk outside for a couple of minutes until it can find the GPS

Plug it back into your machine

Connect using Mission Planner

Can't see the transmitter

3.2-rc1 support R7008SB.

Download : MP beta firmware.

I will try that again tonight, but last time I couldn't get past the RC failsafe with the beta firmware.

Hey guys, noob here with futaba 14sg and 6303sb on its way for a 3dr diy quad. Will the 6303 sb work with pixhawk? This thread is quite confusing. Wiki says 6303 works users is this thread says it does not. Can someone please clarify? Thank you.

This morning I have uploaded v3.2-rc-1 using the beta firmware option in mission planner. I can confirm that my R7008SB worked straight away.

My set up:

T14SG Tx

R7008SB Receiver

I have a cable connected to channel 8 on the receiver and mode B is selected using the futaba instructions (Enables CH8 as SBUS) The other end of the cable is connected to RCIN on the Pixhawk.

I kept all software settings on the T14SG the same as I had them when using the APM.

I hope this is the start of many days happy flying! Thanks for all your help

I just installed 3.2-rc-1 and my SBus R7008SB is also working

Robert Lorenzo you should be fine with the Beta software.  I haven't flown yet, but I am just able to arm using SBus.  More than I could do with the previous firmware

You will need to open Mission Planner, go to Config/Tuning menu option and then select Beta Updates check box on the bottom of the screen.  Then you can go back to Initial Setup and you should be able to see the text "Beta firmwares" on the bottom right.  Click that to upload the Beta firmware

Make sure you connect your GPS as in the one photo I took

Thank you for your replies. Do you know of a place to go to program the multiple flight modes using two switches in the 14sg? Thank you.

Failsafe check mode changed in 3.2.

Only activate when ARMED so you can test it without battery only usb.

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