Problem connecting via 3DR radio - no heartbeat

Hi all,

I have a very frustrating problem with connection to APM2.6.

I can connect to the APM using the USB lead on both my PC and laptop. (I do most configuration on PC and use laptop in the field). I can then also connect to the APM using mission planner on my PC and it is very quick and easy. When I come to connect to the APM using my laptop the connection times out and no heartbeats are received.

I am 99% sure it is a problem with my laptop as when I try to select the COM port it is very slow to repsond and the connecting to MAVLink dialog box takes a while to appear. I have looked at all of the basic settings on the PC and Laptop and they are the same.

Does anyone have any idea why my laptop is behaving like this? I have my fingers crossed for a "Just allow this" solution!

Many thanks in advance

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If telemetry link works OK on one PC and doesn't on another - then IMHO it's not related to telemetry.

Thanks for your reply.

As I mentioned, I am 99% sure it is the laptop that is the problem. I was hoping there was a setting on the laptop that I haven't thought to check. A hitch with windows firewall or something like that. I know the telemetry is not the problem, I posted here as it was the telemetry that is not working albeit it is not the problem.

Try to disable bluetooth on the laptop.

I disabled all my bluetooth com ports and the direct USB connection works perfectly now. I will try the 3DR radio telemetry later today. Thanks for the tip! I would never have thought of that!

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