I launched today the mission planner that started an auto update. It starts downloading files updates (as visible in the console window) but after 2 minutes it stops with error, giving this display and error message:

Has anyone had the same error. Or is it a bug/problem with last APM/MP 2.9.x release ?

Thx for advice,


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Yes I have had the same error this morning 03/02/13. Loaded the updates from the download site everything is OK. Don't know why this happen. Pierre

this morning 04/02/2013 I have downloaded updates on my laptop no problems. Hope it will help.


Thx yes, it now works again. Must have been a server side problem.

Kind regards


No chance here, i can't get the update yet....

I had this update error, so I manualy dowloaded the latest MP. Now its worse ! . It sais I need to download Net Framework 4.0 (which I have always had) so installed that again...same problem...Cant even use MP at all now

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