hi all,

I'm having problems with my arducopter.

Been calibrating esc's for a hundred times. must be doing something wrong. Who can help this noob?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xa5U8FhlrY

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did you calibrate your accelerometers?

come again? wat are they and how do i do that?



I have bias toward using the CLI (refer to wiki on how to go into cli mode) ... once in CLI, choose the menu that calibrate the minimum throttle level of transmitter ... might fix your problem ... by the way one of the menu also in CLI allows you to calibrate your accels ... good luck.

please read the wiki BEFORE flying:


ah, yes i did this.

any solutions left?

what leds are lit on the oilpan after it initializes
i meant that question for bart, who is having the problem. sorry for being unclear

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