First im very newbie about multirotor and pixhawk or pixhack, what i got before this build just cx20 open source but i will learn much if u want to help me.

i dont know what happen in my quadcopter build, when i takeoff is alway going back or any direction wanted to flip so i cant hover and make my blade broke 2 times.

I really sure i was check everything, calibration esc one by one or all at once, check direction motor, check esc wire to my pixhack, calibration accel, calibration compass, calibration radio and pitch reserve, balance propeller and is very weird for me who first build quadcopter and i already try to reset my pixhack. 

but the problem i found is, when i motor test in mission planner, Motor test C will make my motor C and D spinning together, and Motor test D same as C it will make my motor C and D spinning together, A and B is normal. so i already swap my motor and not work still same, i swap my esc too still same.

i dont know why, please help this moron :(

i never flying this baby for one month because that issue :(

this is my build

S500 Frame Hobbyking

Xrotor 20a Hobbywing

Pixhack Cuav Flight Controller

M8n Cuav GPS

Ubec Hobbywing

T-Motor mt2216 800 kv

APC Propeller 11x4.7 SF and SFP

X9d taranis with x8r

3000mAh 3s Battery

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this is my log, new issue when i thorttle up and test pitch or roll to the full my pixhack was restart. what happen? 

my battery?

please check :(


please check my log, when i thorttle up and test pitch or roll to the full my pixhack was restart.

not happen was going wrong maybe my battery.


It will be figured out. Just be patient. You have good parts on your quad, so it isn't worth taking chances wrecking all the hard work, not to mention the money.

I see you are running 3s battery. Default for MOT_SPIN_ARMED used to be 70, I'm not sure what it is now but that can cause motors not to spin when armed using 3s battery.

Change MOT_SPIN_ARMED to 130.  I don't know what the max is, but try that first, and go higher if necessary.  That is tied in with THR_MIN, but I don't have access to MP right now (using tablet, thumbing my way through). I think one should be higher than the other. Hopefully someone will chime in.

I have a feeling it's in the setting up the ESC's and possibly the Taranis causing MP to have fits.

Yes, most of us know how frustrating is when you can't solve your problem and you can't fly your new bird ;) Your issue is like two motors are responding to the same signal (pwm); I figure your issue in your controller or in your radio; somethings that I try to imagine, check your radio monitor if the four channels are correct when you move your sticks (one channel each stick), If you have another Rx, try to change it (It has ppm?). I don't have the Pixhack but remember that it has different plugs than Pixhawk ¿It's possible that something is bad in them that two motor signals are in contact? What happens if you unplug one of the two paired motors wires from pixhack? (I'm not an expert so any other suggestion is welcome) 

Ah!! you have a Taranis? If any of this solve, try 3.2.1 vers if that firm works

so i must downgrade firmware?

let me know about that and why taranis can causing this?

thankyou you two very helpful for me!!

I didn´t pay much attention to that radio comments because I don't have it but a friend have some problems at the begining with 3.3 and Taranis, The new firm is working now but I'm not shure if you have to configure something special in that radio, but is strange I didn't read something like yours. If you can´t solve here, try in "Arducopter user groups" If you find another ideas; there are more people here using that radio with good results, you can do it too ;).

i was downgrade my firmware, in this video im using 3.2 but i think is not different, i have same issue.

sometimes i cant pitch to making quad forward and my quadcopter always going to back and want to backflip.

motor test in MP C and D still spinning together.

please check my video

this my log using 3.2 firmware.

still dont know what happen.

thankyou verymuch guys :)


It's obius now that you have your problem, or in your radio, or receiver or Pixhack now, you have to discover why two motors are receiving the same signal; perhaps if you ask in arducopter user groups refering to this post more people read it and someone can give you better help. and, if you can, try to write where you bougth explaining the issue, there is a post about Pixhack in Rc Groups, check there too; I'm sorry can't give you a better help, Good Luck.

First, before you go any further make sure that all of the wiring from the outputs of the pixhack to your motors is correct.  Motors 3 & 4 (C & D) should not spin together during the motor test.

It looks like you have the QUAD version of Arducopter loaded so it is probably not a firmware problem.  Most likely it is wiring and connections.

Just remember that before you can go much further you need to resolve the two motors spinning together during the motor test.  Each motor should be independent and not cause the other to spin.

Check that each motor runs independently with all other ESC/Motors disconnected and that it is on the correct output port.

Good luck...

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