hi, below attach is my simulink for my position control of the quadcopter.

it suppose to control my eular angle to get my quadcopter to my desire position.

<ATT_quat_WB> is the sensor reading for row,pich and yaw current angle while <POS_R_W> is the sensor reading for the current position .

is there any problem with it because my quadcopter go haywire.

this is a link to a video of how my quadcopter behave.


my pid value for the position control is p=0.5,i=0,d=0.1

while pid value for row, pitch and yaw is p=0.07,i=0.001,d=0.02 

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It looks like your D setting is proportionally too big versus P. On a real quad, P is in the order of magnitude ten times bigger than D. I should be non zero; I tune it to be equal to P.

I would try with a roll and pitch D value around 0,09 and P around 0,15

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