Problem with timestamps in GPX logfiles (APM2 + ArduPlane 2.72 + MP 1.2.53)


I'm new to APM Arduplane but managed to get it flying perfectly (been working with quads etc. for more than 2 years now) but one thing still keeps me away from being fully satisfied with this nice autopilot.

That is the *.gpx logs don't contain valid timestamps e.g. <time>2013-07-22T00:00:00+02:00</time> everything else like position etc. is fine. I have a ublox neo6m GPS unit and uploaded the apm config file from 3DR. I use the arduflyer apm from rctimer if that helps...

In the attachments are the GPS-config and a sample gpx log.

You get these gpx logs by selecting the terminal in MP, then log download and dump any log you want. It will give you three files. One *.kmz, a *.log and a *.gpx .

Any suggestions are welcome ;)

Kind regards

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can you upload the log this was generated from?

Done ;)

This is a uncut version compared to the uploaded gpx file

Thanks for having a look at this

If you convert the .tlog to a .csv file and open it in Excel, you can truncate the time stamp to only include the time part and then convert it to elapsed time. If this would help you, I could explain in further detail.


looks like ive found the problem. and the next mp will fix this.

sounds nice ;)

Thank you for fixing this.

I just tested this and it looks like the date/time are still wrong in the GPX logs (log.gxp) generated when I use the terminal "Log Download" function. I'm running 1.2.73.


Here are the log and gpx files. 


I don't mean to be a pest but this still isn't working for me. I attached a set of logs from today. The date in the GPX files seem to be consistently off by three days. The times seems correct. If this has indeed been fixed can someone let me know what I could be doing wrong. 


logs don't contain info information to regenerate the day it was flown. the best you get is time.

tlogs are different. the while date and time is recorded

Thanks Michael. I should be able to write a program to insert the correct date in the GPX files. I need the time and date to sync the camera and GPS clocks when I geotag photos.

Would it be possible to have Mission Planner insert the date of the day the GPX file was created (when the log file downloaded form the APM). Currently it inserts a date three days after of the day it was downloaded?

have you tried using the inbuilt geotagger in mp?

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