Problem with timestamps in GPX logfiles (APM2 + ArduPlane 2.72 + MP 1.2.53)


I'm new to APM Arduplane but managed to get it flying perfectly (been working with quads etc. for more than 2 years now) but one thing still keeps me away from being fully satisfied with this nice autopilot.

That is the *.gpx logs don't contain valid timestamps e.g. <time>2013-07-22T00:00:00+02:00</time> everything else like position etc. is fine. I have a ublox neo6m GPS unit and uploaded the apm config file from 3DR. I use the arduflyer apm from rctimer if that helps...

In the attachments are the GPS-config and a sample gpx log.

You get these gpx logs by selecting the terminal in MP, then log download and dump any log you want. It will give you three files. One *.kmz, a *.log and a *.gpx .

Any suggestions are welcome ;)

Kind regards

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I have tried it but I haven't figured out how it deals with the GPS/camera offset. I can never get it to geotag all of my photos and changing the GPS/camera time offset changes the result a little but not in a predictable way. I have a feeling that the tolerance for a valid match is too tight. It would be helpful if the user could enter a tolerance for a valid fit. For example, if the user put a 1 second tolerance than once the program finds the closes match it checks if the time difference between the photo and the GPS is less than 1 second does the geotagging.   

It's also quite possible I"m not using it correctly. One of these days I'll figure out how to browse the MP code so I can communicate these things more clearly. 

I have cannibalized the georefimages.cs and writren my own small tool
you can found it here
the rar contants the exeuctable program.
The tool works only with the gpx file.
It´s create a new file with gtg_ as prefix.
It´s also create a location.kml and txt.

mfg milz

How do you convert the .tlog file to a .csv file?

Hi Michael

I read that you developed and maintain MissionPlanner. I would really appreciate your help.

I am doing a project and want to use the time stamp data of the GPS and the GPS data to do some data processing. I read the data out to Matlab through mission planner. But I am not sure in which format the time data is stored or how it is calculated?

For example we did measurements on 16/03/2015 at about 16:16 but for example in the one matlab variable: time_used_mavlink_gps_raw_int_t the first entry is 7.360396782366204e+05

I assume that is the time entry (column one)?  Is it? And if it is how is this time related to actual time or unix time?

Thank you in advance. I have really been struggling with this and time is running out.

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