Been away for a ehile due to winter, but was thinking to start out again. Have a new PC with win 7, so inserted 3dr radio, and it was detected and firmware installed. Downloaded MP 1.2.32 since I have 2.8.1 on arducopter, and it installs ok. Now I try to connect over COM8 - 57600. Mavlink connects and it just hangs on getting params.Error says 44 packets were received but no parameter packet were received.

Entering 3dr config show all fine on local and remote, so they seem tyo work, what can this be caused by?

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Try updating to the latest MP (1.2.35), that might help with your Mavlink issue.




I did. I upgraded firmware to latest 2.91 and upgraded MP to 1.2.35, but have the same problem. Over USB cable it works ok

BTW Why should upgrading work? Is this a known issue of some sort?!

check your cabeling. sounds like one wire is not connected properly

Indeed, fiddling with the connector to the APM resolved this issue, great! But this make me wonder if the connectors are not stable enough, and maybe should have been soldered......


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