anybody else having issues ordering from 3DR website?

When checking out after entering payment information the website just display "ERROR 500"...

but nothing else, no info, no options, jus a link to the Home page.

 It is incredible that after all they still don't have a basic website that runs smoothly.

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I was checking to see if my order, placed on Nov. 4th, had shipped {it has not} and.. I noticed that a whole bunch of nice servos were added were added to the clearance page. So I placed another order yesterday afternoon and I had no problems with any part of the check-out.

hi Chris, 

Can you send me your order number? I'll check on it and see what's up.  vu@3dr.com

Hi Mauricio,

Thanks for reporting this.  Our web team found a bug and will be pushing a fix within the hour. :)

Thank you   Vu.

Nov. 4th   order is  R261508512.

& yesterdays order is R709594789.

Also, I don't think I received any E-mail confirmations for the order.



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