Process to becoming legally certified to fly a drone for commercial purposes under FAA regulations

I was wondering what the process and things you must do in order to be certified to fly your drone for commercial purposes? I plan to use it for an agricultural business that surveys and maps growers' fields. I have found that one requirement is to become a certified pilot. Is this regulation still in effect?

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Its very simple, you need a minimum of a sports pilots licence and a 333 exemption. Maybe there is an operator near you that might help. Here's a map of them.

If I understand it correctly you don't need a sport or higher to get the 333, but when operating under the 333 you need to have someone with an airmen certificate to operate the craft

Yes, this is still in effective until the proposed rule making comes out sometime later this year. Right now, there's a bit of a process but you can get everything you need at

  1. File a Petition for Section 333 Exemption (DIY or Filed for you)
  2. Be granted an Exemption and issued a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization
  3. Register your aircraft. (DIY or Filed for you)
  4. Comply with all their limitations (rules) listed in the exemption and CoA including:
    1. Pilot-In-Command must be at least a FAA certified sport or recreational pilot (We like to train local pilots with existing licenses, they are much less expensive)
    2. A bunch of other rules like no night flying, must be 500' from persons, must be <200' AGL, etc.
  5. Keep mandatory documents on site for law enforcement and FAA inspectors / administrators (Binder)

Hope this helps. - Mike

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