Producing a new weekly drone/UAV show launching 1 May- want community content


I am producing the new weekly UAV/drone show "Flight Club" on  The show will discuss news, product innovation, tests, etc. I am also looking to interview makers and pilots who have important tips and advice for pilots at all levels.

if you interested please get in touch with me at:

We are also offering a €150 voucher for the best "fail" to be featured on our show.

Thanks so much,

Zach Sebastian

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I  think this is a great idea, and one I have been wanting in my own way to try to promote, along with a couple of friends, and we have been very disappointed in general lack of interest so far.

This post of your may have only been up since Monday, but then again, it has been up since Monday, has at the time of my typing here had 11 views, and yet my comment here seems to only be the first?!?

There is something wrong with that.

One idea that me and my friends have had, which you may want to consider is that we want to promote radical new concepts and designs. However, people with such may be hesitant to publish/post or otherwise make public thier designs in the fear that some person or commercial entity may take their design and make money with it at thier expense and regret. I share this reservation, as I have at least half a dozen radical new designs, but do not want to give them away as I might be able to m,ake money with them in the near future.

One remedy may be to feature such designs in the way you intend and/or other ways where they can get some kind of protection and full credit for thier designs, so that if someone rips them off, at least they can show that they were the originator of it, and might have some legal standing if it became necessary.

I have a very high priority on advancing the design of drones/multirotors. My friends and I are trying to find some way to facilitate that. We have talked about starting our own website (not a forum) specifically for these and other serious concerns.

Maybe we can help each other in some way?

Fell free to message me if you are interested.

Thank you.

Hey J Smith,

Thanks so much for your interest in our show. I can understand you worries! I do a lot of TV development and safeguarding your ideas is always an issue. 

That said if you don't put yourself out there then no one will ever see it! A catch-22.  Can you copyright designs? How about open source? Anyway we're doing a segment on 3D printing  where we'll print designs but then your designs would be in full view!

Anyway my email is drones@epicTV. Drop me a line if you want to keep talking?



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