programing tips for heli style blade pitch/speed mixing on a quad.

Im nearly finished with my quad build so far.... A couple of ups and downs here and there but all in all it went togather rather smoothly. I built this guy from scratch (still need to fab the motor mount/gearboxes) its a composite quad consisting of a carbonfiber/ kevlar covered polystyrene central hub shaped by laminating several layers, cutting by hand with a knife/dremel mill and sanding to get the shape. It has 20mm diam aluminum tail booms (600 class heli) as the arms. Tip to tip its a little over 4 1/2 feet across, soon to increase when the rotors/blades are installed so this is not a small guy at all. 1700kv 200W outrunners spining 3-blade flybarless rotor heads with 325mm carbon fiber blades. Shloud be running it with 30A ESC's and 2 2400mah 14.8v 4s 35c lipos if all goes well. Now I am trying to decide if it is feasable to program the APM to handle swashplate mixing and blade rpm. Or if it would be easier to go fixed (still adjustable/tunable) pitch for now untill new software comes out. I have some but very little programing experience so I might be able to accomplish the programing with some help from the programing big dogs here. The 8 outputs can handle the 4 motors and 4 servos but I am unsure if any current programing will handle it safley. Any tips?  (pics to come soon)

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FYI.... In my search for pre fab'd parts to build my gearboxes from so I only have to do a minumum of fabrication myself I came across VXB bearings. ultra small to huge, liniar motion and ceramic. you name it they prob got them. I'll be getting my bearings from them so i'll be able to give a review shortly.

Heres the basic gearbox design for anyone that wants it.

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