Prop directions for Tri Copters:

G-day guys, and greetings from Sydney Australia.

I have a question regarding "Y" Copters....

Ive seen PROP configurations that say one prop needs to spin in reverse, and yet, - on others Ive seen all 3 props spin in the SAME direction....which way is correct? - is it possible to build a "Y" copter where all 3 props go the same way? and what is the difference in performance?

The reason I ask this is I'm only very new to this exciting hobby, and the FIRST configuration I saw on the net showed all 3 props going in the same direction so I I purchased a set of 3 blade props - but found later that they don't seem to come in a "counter rotation " version, so I'm stuck with these nice looking  12 x 8 props that all spin the same way.

I DO notice that D.I.Y shows BOTH configurations for a Y Copter -  ( again very confusing ) but don't know where to start.

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  • My tricopter has all three props spinning in the same direction and flys well.

    With standard props (right hand?) I tilt the two fixed motors a few degrees to the left (looking out from center). This makes the craft fly level when staying in place (hover).

    Good luck

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