I did a dumb thing (not the first time)

I hurriedly ordered some spare props and obviously didn't look at the size too well when ordering.

Instead of 10" I must have ordered 12" because I now have 2 sets of them.

What would be the down side of trying the 12" on a standard quad frame with standard motors?


Has anyone got a feel for what is about to happen?




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do you have the 28cm arms? if so they will fit (not touch) the motors may/will run hot to move them (I suppose you dont have the 880kv ones because you are saying standard so must the the smaller ones)

not sure if you can damage the motors on these... but I would guess that it will be fine.

Thanks Danny

Yes, I have the 28cm arms

Has anyone else tried flying the standard arducopter with 12" props?

I run one standard arducopter with 10" props and the smaller motors, and another with 12" props and the larger motors. Needless to say, the larger ones have more power but otherwise they behave similarly. But I've never tried 12" props on the smaller motors, so can't advise you on that.
I run a custom frame approximately the size of a normal quad, with both the larger motors, frames, and battery, and I generally find I have to lower my PID values by about 50% from the defaults.  I'm not sure if this is prop size or weight related, but it's interesting anyway.   I'm running latest svn ACM2 code. :-)
Just try a test hover for half the time of your battery pack.  Then measure the battery pack, motor ,and ESC temps. They will all feel warmer than normal but the question is how much warmer.  Thats ur call to make.  if it's really hot STOP!!!   And yes you should check and adjust the PID's of your aircraft.   

@John, I'm running a standard quad, 28cm arms and small motors with 12" props. The reason being I broke

a few of my 10" props. and so to keep my quad in the air a friend gave me some 12" ones to try out. It flys

ok although I find decending from a height has to be done carefully since it does oscillate a lot more than

with the 10" blades. I guess a bit of twiddling of the PID settings might help which I hav'nt tried yet. Also

the motors run a comfortable "warm" certainly not hot. Pirates code..

I am using the Hitec Tx with full telemetry, temperature of all ESCs, height and speed via gps and also RPM for one of the props.


I notice that with 10" props on my home build hexa, the props run at about 5400rpm and with 11" props they run at 4500rmp.


I did try 13" but I got terrible wobble when descending (enough to flip it a couple of times).


I think the lower the prop speed, the less inertial energy is available in the props and this has issues when decending - this might not be tune-outable on the pids.


I find that I get good lift and battery performance when using the 11" blades and my 2814/22 - 760 kv motors or speed 40 amp speed controllers never even get warm.


I would recommend trial and error.


Hope this helps.





Thankyou to all who responded to my propeller question.

What a great forum and an incredibly absorbing project.

There are so many variables, you can never get bored.

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