Which Propellers do you use?
Today one of my propellers broke in midflight (i have to say: i decreased the Stick to angle value to 8 which makes it fly much more aggressive)
currently i use these propellers

my quad weights 750g

are there any other propellers that are:
-maybe flexible
-not too expensive?

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Some reports that these EPP props break in mid flight with QUADS over 1000gms...

But the new MATT finished EPP props are much better...
I have been using them since a long time on my QUAD...
and my QUAD weighs about 1600gms...

I like these props coz they are quite flexible and do not break as easy as APC when you hit something..

But I have felt a loss of pitch in these props as they are too flexible...But in these case APC is the best...
The EPP's can break in flight with either a heavy kopter or if there is too much pressure on that thin central hub, or if the central hub has been drilled out slightly to allow it to fit over a thicker prop adapter, or if there has been a very minor prop strike against something with no immediately visable damage, or..... Probably we are often running them at higher rpms then they are designed for. I have a pile of them which I may still use at some time on an octo where losing one prop won't immediately cause a crash, but certainly will never use on a quad.

The APC-SF 10x4.7 and 12x3.8 props are slightly heaver but clearly much stronger. They can break on e.g. hitting the ground, but I-m not aware of any report of them breaking in the air. Even with those if you start putting them on 350+ watt motors on 4S running high rpms you probably do at some point have to start worring about exceeding their specs. If you run very high rpms you may have to resort to the even heavier APC-E props such as the 12x6.
I also had a EPP prop break in flight today. I did several punchouts with a fast descent and on the third one as I applied power to arrest the descent a prop broke. Fortunately the ArduQuad was only about 2 feet off the ground when it happened, so no damage other than the prop. I'm going to switch to the APC props. Were going to be doing a lot of aerobatics so I need strong props.

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