Hi all,

I've been searching options on open source platforms, but more from a developer point instead of conventional user.

The strategies used for autonomous navigation and Autopilots are based on one of these four principles: PID, fuzzy logic, neural networks, H-infinity loop.

Autopilots are used to be based in PID strategies. I've been looking for others who use other strategies, but I find nothing, only PID used hybrid with fuzzy / neural / H.

Talking about open source platforms, I've found: ArduPilot, paparazzi, MNAV +Stargate (code released as a commercial mnav) MicroGear (mnav Adapted by the creator of FlightGear simulator), OpenPilot, PIXHAWK.

ArduPilot is the easiest to get to go and the cheapest, very good option to start in the world of FPV, but any of the other is more powerful. For example, if I have paparazzi vs arduino,  paparazzi is more powerful micro, working at 32bits instead of 8 bits, more memory, etc.. 

I have searched in forums information to get pros and cons of each board, but it is not easy, and I can't make any opinion.

Has anyone tried several of these platforms in software development? Could you give your opinion?
Has anyone worked with one that is not based on PID?


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Don't forget the UAVDevBoard and Gluonpilot, which are both excellent. As for the others you list, I don't think autopilot hardware is currently available for any of them other than ArduPilot. 

OK, but which one would you think is better? I have worked with ArduPilot for 1 year, but when you want to make image processing or other complex tasks, a more powerfull board is required.

Paparazzi works with linux embedded, and OpenPilot and Arduino does with firmware coded in C++, so maybe software development is more tedious.

Respect MNAV / Stargate, I have no idea about its capabilities.

Also, I am looking for a board platform which allows me to try with different autopilot strategies: PID, fuzzy logic, neural, H-infinity loop.

Are you a sowftware developer? Which ones have you been working with?

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