I recently started working with an Ardupilot. I have connected a uBlox LEA6 receiver to it. I am currently trying to get pseudorange data from the LEA6 and it seems like I have to get the RXM-RAW packet from the receiver. I was wondering if anyone had done this before or would have any sample code ardupilot code?

I have looked through the RTK library and the GPS_Auto but I haven't been very successful in printing out pseudorange data. I believe you need the structure from the RTK library to place into the example GPS_Auto code. However I am unsure where exactly the Ardupilot is choosing and filtering packets from so I am unsure of how to retrieve packet data.

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Only the 6T and 6P  modules produce the RAW data packets.

Check my blog post here for some work I did with raw carrier phase data from a 6T -



Thanks for the reply Doug,

I had previously seen your blog post and I was hoping to obtain similar data. However I saw that the product did not seem quite ready yet.

I was wondering, if I wanted to use the Ardupilot to collect pseudorange and carrier phase information, would the following be a correct way to go about it?

  1. Obtain a NEO-6P and solder wires into an Ardupilot GPS cable
  2. Write an interface to parse the RXM-RAW packets that get produced



There are other UBLOX GPS options that put out raw as well:
- Neo 7P (easier to find these days than the Neo6P
- M8T

To verify, I have successfully used both NEO 6P and 7P with RTKLIB

Hey B_Duffy,

do you have a setting file to upload to use the M8T with the pixhawk?

Having problems getting it working.

Thanks Michael

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