I recently discovered a post on RCG here back in May 2015 from a new member about using a single Pixhawk for VTOL control on the BirdsEyeView FireFLY6. It lead to the PX4 page below describing some development firmware for the Pixhawk. Does anyone know if there have been updates to this development or how to obtain the firmware for testing?

VTOL Firmware for Pixhawk

PX4 Page to BirdsEyeView FireFly


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You have to install QGC as per http://qgroundcontrol.org/downloads

Flash the beta Firmware

There is a frame type specific for the firefly

good luck

Thank you, Paul.

Been searching for a method, to run but hover and forward flight on a pixhawk without the need for 2 controllers and an interface.

Is there any documentation to describe how this works with the FireFly6 as far as flight mode interaction and transition operates?

Understand this is a Beta, is it being actively developed for VTOL or is this as far as it goes?



Although it is missing some information this link below has the most information on it. Paul added a valuable connection to the frame type, beta firmware, and, QGC. It seems to be tested by Roman Bapst and Simon Wilks.

Px4/Pixhawk BirsEyeView FireFly6

Imagine the other possibilities like from Rover to Plane for a Jame Bond like car.

Thanks, yes I saw that, and interested to try it out, just wanted to get a bit more info on flight modes, on either side of the transition and how they tie together.

Also need to find out if it is safe to use in waypoint flying and if there is a way to plan a transition as part of a mission.


That would be very cool! I'm familiar with Mission Planner but not so much with QGC so it will be a learning curve for me. My hope is that this dual-type control (Copter/Plane/Rover/Boat) becomes the next big thing for APM.


From the PX4 Contacts and Credits page here , you can join the PX4 Users Forum. The VTOL developers are there so you can ask questions or post results/issues.

Here is an example excerpt from Feb 15th:

Release / Change Notes by Lorenz Meier

  • Disabling of stack checking by default, which resulted in a huge performance boost
  • VTOL support: Tailsitter as RTF config, but we have flown things like the Quadshot as well. Firefly Y6 is in the works as well.

I found the main test thread below.

VTOL Test Pilot Inquiry

That is amazing..

Its time for 3DR too to embed VTOL in pixhawk firmware.

Installed QGCS but not sure from where I can download "Beta" firmware.

i am using a pixhawk.


I believe you need QGC v2.7.1 to see the VTOL Tiltrotor selection.

Yes, I was able to do it using the PX4 Flight Stack Beta firmware under QGC v2.7.1. After loading the beta stack firmware onto your Pixhawk, you can select the "BirdsEyeView Aerobotics FireFly6" airframe after connecting.

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