I'm trying to write waypoints to my APM board using QGC but I get the error "Operation timed out"


I think it's because QGC says my rover is in "Uninitialized mode".

QGC keeps saying: "Uninitialized, booting up" where it shows you the status of your UAV.


How can I fix this?

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm also using ArduPilotOne (Ardurover).



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can you post a screen shot?

here is a screenshot, look at the big red arrows:


I got it to say "running" but still "operation timed out":
if you hit refresh button on the right, do you get populated paramaters above?

I just tried using my xbee and I think the xbee works.

Yes I do get populated parameters with the xbee.

But still same "time out"

I fixed the mode now. There is apparently a bug in the mavlink next command step. I'll try to find it tomorrow. But I did hook up my jtag debugger and got this backtrace so it should be easy to track down.

(gdb) backtrace
#0 AP_Var::_EEPROM_scan ()
at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:471
#1 0x0000973a in AP_Var::_EEPROM_locate (this=0x809d9d, allocate=false)
at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:538
#2 0x00009908 in AP_Var::load (this=0x801fee)
at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:231
#3 0x000027e0 in apo::AP_MavlinkCommand::AP_MavlinkCommand (this=0x801fee,
at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/APO/AP_MavlinkCommand.h:43
#4 0x00002894 in apo::MavlinkGuide::nextCommand (this=0x804a4a)
at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/APO/AP_Guide.h:263
#5 0x00009494 in AP_Var::next (this=0x804a4a)
at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:369
#6 0x00009494 in AP_Var::next (this=0x804a4a)
at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:369
#7 0x00009494 in AP_Var::next (this=0x804a4a)

Thanks alot James! I just saw you update the google code site. I will be waiting patiently for tomorrow :)


I wish I could help find the bug but I don't know much about jtag debugging :(


But how did your ArduRover code work in your youtube video here:


if the bug was still present at the time?

Mode is now distinguished from manual and auto mode

Only error now seems to be the timeout error when reading or writing waypoints.

The bug wasn't present at that time. This apparently happened while I was adjusting APO for arduquad. I've tracked it down and have some time to work on it so should have it fixed today.

That sounds like great news!! I can't wait!

I am on standby for testing :)


Do you know which revision of ardurover worked by chance in the video? (if you already fixed the timeout issue disregard this question)

Hi James I tested your latest ardurover code.


Waypoint sending and recevieing seems to work, however only when gps is disabled.

When I enable gps I seem to get timeout errors still.

I'm using ftdi cable to connect to telemport to avoid any possible xbee wireless errors if that helps.


Also sometimes my ftdi connection and xbee would crap out and stop sending data and I have to restart my APM board. Weird.



Ok I'll look into it. If you enable gps it goes through a phase where it tries to acquire the home position. It is probably not exiting this phase. If the gps isn't able to acquire a lock there should be a timeout after which it starts anyways but I'll have to check.
Right now since I don't keep the svn externals with revision numbers you would have to find the revision of all the libraries at the time the video was made. Should be able to find that date on youtube. And then you can use svn to pull the apo revision from that time as well if you like. But I think we are close to getting the new code debugged.

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