Hey all, i just did 4 test flights with my copter and two of them ended with a crash. The copter suddently seems to lose power and falls from the sky like a stone. Immediately after the crash (the first one did not do any damage) i was able to arm the copter and fly again.

I could not find the reason for the file and proceeded which led to another »stone« crash. Please find attached the log files - i am not sure how to read them yet.

My copter does have two retracts made from hobbbyking servoless retracts. Somehow there may be a relation between the accident and the retracts because it happened several seconds after the retracts were moved up. The first two flights i was also using the retracts and there was no problem with them at all... thank you!

P.S: Everytime i load logs wih the graphs tool from the misison planner there is a message that there were errors with some lines in the log. Is this a normal behaviour?

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I've not looked at your log yet, but I would guess that the retract is drawing too much power once retracted and causing the APM to brown-out.
Try a (low) flight without retracting...?

i would also assume this. The strange thing is, that the crash happened several seconds later. I cannot test this at the moment because on of my motors got destroyed. Would it help if i power the retracts with 5 v directly from the lipo? At the moment the power for both of the retracts comes from the receiver. Does the discharge rate matter in order to avoud a brown out?

if anybody finds something in the logs please let me know ...

I get no errors when loading your log in MP 1.3.5, but I have seen this before as well and I ignore it.     If you look at BarAlt under CTUN, the log ends when you still have alt (increasing).  Also VCC under CURR drops to 4.4.   I think this confirms a brown out.

ok thanks for the explanation of the log! I installed a bec for the receiver and the servos and an additional capacitor . I will do a testflight soon and i hope everything will be fine ....

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