Hey all,

I spent some time out this morning trying various configs and just getting to know the flight dynamics of the frame/quad that I built.  It's the standard 3DR X form quad, with sonar mounts front and back.  I also added some foam to the landing gear to see what type of 'landings' it could withstand.  Aside from the collet crash (which broke a landing gear) it handed everything quite well.  However, mounting anything heavier than the sonar, telemetry or RX [ie, my GoPro Hero 2] is a no go on the mounts as it just throws the balance off too much.

Video here: https://vimeo.com/54703121


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Thanks to share the video. Very well edited. Are you using APM 2.5 board for your quad? Is the sonar sensor external or part of the board?



Hi Shyam,

Thanks for the feedback.  Yes, i'm using APM 2.5 in my quad.  The sonar i'm using is an external component bought through DIYD and there are inputs on the APM for it.  However, I didn't have the sonar attached in this video.


Hi Darrel,

Can you tell me which camera you are using on your quad. A few pictures of your quad and the quad parts would be really helpful. I am about to start my project on a quad with onboard camera for surveillance, so I required some assistance. Are you also using APM 2.5?


Nicely done Darrell, it's looking quite good - aside from the second landing perhaps. (;  But at least your recorded landings are better than mine. Where's the dramatic tumble?!! (;  I love the area you were flying in!  Spending all this time in capital cities is doing my head in - if the offer to flying in that paddock of yours exists I might just have to take you up on it! (:

How did you attach the GoPro to the quad and do you still have the gopro protective casing on?  It looked a little set back from where I had mine, do you have a picture of that? 

Ahh I see I see...  Given how you attached it, it was good to see no vibration.  I tried to use velcro (with the case on) and there was quite a bit of vibration.  I saw that people are using neoprene strips (not across the entire camera - just two little strips at either end) to reduce the vibration.

But that gimbal looks good...  When do you expect it to arrive?

Ah excellent - staying tuned eagerly.

Hi Guys,

Sorry to break into the interesting discussion:-P I saw the GoPro2 camera and its mount (it seems ideal, although camera's a bit expensive).

How about the Quad itself? Is it from this store? In the end, I just want something that can be really stable to hover. Any suggestions/ pointer would go a step further helping me ;)



Hi Shyam,

Yes, the GoPro isn't the cheapest camera out there, but there are 3 versions.  v3 just came out.  If v2 is a bit much, perhaps look for v1?  Just called GoPro Hero and would also do a great job.

As for the quad, yes, I purchased mine from the store that you linked.  I bought the quad version, revision C.  In terms of hovering, yes, it would hover quite well and if you include the various flight modes it will stick to the spot without you having to do anything.


Hi David,

Thanks for that. I think now I am getting the right direction.

For purchase of a Quad, I could not find something called 'Revision C', perhaps you meant this for $$450 OR this for $$599. Prob. you could post the link :) Did you purchase any additional accessories for the quad?


Hi Shyam,

The first link you posted is the one I bought.  Not assembled as I wanted to know what I as getting, how to build it as that would then help with trouble shooting and well, replacing broken parts.  If you are looking at getting it, make sure you get the ublox GPS and not the mediatek version.

I bought a sonar, multiple sonar mounts (they're useful for mounting other things), telemetry kit and numerous spare parts (additional props, landing gear etc).  I also bought upgraded collets and prop adapters, some loctite (and nail polish believe it or not to keep things sticking when I didn't want to loctite the hell out of something) and some foam balls to act as landing gear protection.

You'll also need to get a radio and battery.  I bought the spektrum dx8, which came with an AR8000 [and two others] receiver and a 4000mah 4s battery.  I actually just bought a lipo battery alarm and tester.  The alarm will be attached to the drone when flying so I don't have to worry about how much power i have left.  Link here - http://www.buildyourowndrone.co.uk/LiPo-Battery-Alarm-p/lipo-alarm.htm

The tester is so I now how much power is left in a battery if i'm out in the field and don't have my charger with me. Link here - http://www.buildyourowndrone.co.uk/LiPo-Battery-Tester-p/lipo-test.htm



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