I recently assembled a quad with ardumega board and tried to do a test flight, got it off the ground and the copter spins to the left with no yaw controll. It is in the x configuration. I had checked motor rotation. Prop orientation and all seem ok.

Not sure what is going on with this.....................?

Any ideas?? Possible motor controls mixed up?



PS like in the video, but not so drastic.


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In the flight data screen of mission planner there is a button down the bottom that says raw sensor view.

In my case if I just look at the gyro values and roll and pitch and yaw the IMU I am seeing the graph change for the roll and pitch movements but not the z gyro for the yaw movements.

It always stays very close to 0.


I noticed when I have the bard connected, the top numbers for direction keep rotating, they are never stationary. Can I adjust this or is the oil pan bad?

Hopefully not.



In my case they did not keep spinning they were just very slow to settle at the new heading.
The fact that they are means there is some problem.
Does your compass test ok in the CLI compass test?
If it does then the gyro may well be the problem.

Ill test it again and see if it is working.

I noticed the heading rotating when I connect the copter, since I put the configuration in. Is there a control for that in the pi settings that may be off ?


Did  few things this morning  to check the quad.

went  into the raw sensor data, All sensors when quad is still are flat on graph. On the little gauges all are 0 except the Yaw which sat at about 110*. I figure the compass is working , quad is orientating.

Went into the terminal to do some tests, I think I am in the cli. and compass test came back, Not Comptable with 1280

same with most tests. Why would that be? How can I find the problem If I cant run some tests ?

Also when I go and look at the logs, they show arduplane as the firmware>.......???????????

Also when I go to setup, nothing happens, type in command, like motors .......... nothing ?

Makes me wonder if I am really in the cli...... I hit enter 3 times and I dont see any confirmation of entering the cli ....

This is really frustrating me. Is there a way I could send you my setup and take a look at it.

Oh by the way, On the compass, heading my flight data screen..... the heading does take a while to settle. Maybe 1 or 2 min. Is that what your system was doing?

Any help very greatly appreciated



Hi Al,

you must use and older software for the test or upgrade to 2500.

If you got problems doing it "by hand" using Arduino or whant a faster solution, i use the old "megapirateplanner" that will deploy into your board de Ardupilot 2.3 or Arducopter...You cant find it here:


The 3 times enter is for the APM2 board that has not a CLI Switch

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