i have built a quad

APM 2.6

4x sunnysky 800kv

4x 11x4.7 props 

4x ESC Mystery 30A

dji 450 (clone)

lipo 11.1 3s 5500mah (brand Floureon)

+ sonar + optflow + 3rd radio

Total weight with GoPro + Gimbal + all of above, including battery: 1.87kg

as you see it quite lightweight...and initially i thought this was a little beast... given the small, light frame.. and first tests proved it had very lot of power... but now after ten days i havent used i got new props sam size, same brand, APC clone, and now my ThrottleOut value in the graph is about 780~800 (!!!) when it used to be just 550~600

could be this an ESC problem (too much A?)?

could be this an props problem (too large?)?

could be this a motors problem (broken? not powerful?) ?

could be this a frame problem (too small) ?


[attaching dataflash log which captures 5 mins of indoor flight]

PS. other note: I was able to fly only 5mins with the Floureon 5500mah lipo 3S.

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What version of FW are you running currently?

3.1.5 rc2

as mentioned in previous posts in this thread ... downgrade to a stable version of the firmware and test again... 

You are currently on a beta version

Also are there any failsafes configured?

3.2 is beta....

3.15 is the stable one... based on my APM planner...

why don't make a video of it next time? also showing your setup... maybe somebody can notice something you are involuntarily omitting...

3.1.5 rc2 was beta before 3.1.5 stable was released .... 

If he is really running on 3.1.5rc2 ... he should have upgraded to 3.1.5 stable at least...

oh sure!

Good idea. I can try and do that.

Thanx for the info about beta, did not know

I went out flying today. I went back to my old multiwii board just of curiosity and I had the same problem at first until I found an old "fix" I had made. The pwm signal to motors is highest 1850 by default from user input in multiwii and setting this to 2000 gave the craft a lot of power even with camera on (hard to go over hover with APM). I don't know why these 150 last pulses do this huge difference. Before multiwii I had a KK board that also gave lots of power.

My conclusion is that for arducopter the platform is too heavy as it needs some space for autocorrection. Changing the thr_max to 2000 did not help. I've ordered two 4S packs and am looking forward to try them out (running 3S now). But until then I'll be flying with my old controller.

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