Hey guys,

I am having difficulty in getting my SK450 Dead Cat to take off. Even at maximum throttle, it does not lift off. I am running AC 2.9.1 

According to xCopter Calc, it should hover at around 65% throttle.

My Setup:

I have checked and rechecked my propeller direction and motor connections through CLI motor test . I have also auto-calibrated the ESCs, re-calibrated them manually and redone radio calibration through MP repeatedly.

I have also tried to balance the copter, but am not exactly sure where the CG should be.

Total weight before takeoff is approximately 1400gms. I am not sure if its too heavy to lift off.

Can anyone please suggest how can I get it to atleast hover. I am just 14 and have spent a lot of money on this, and now I am feeling really frustrated that it cannot even takeoff. Is this due to the large battery?

Thanks in advance,


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Guys help!

Do the motors respond properly to pitch and roll changes while you very carefully hold/support it by hand? Does it feel like the thrust produced is close to the weight of your very nice looking quad rotor? If it's possible, test your battery weight question with a lighter battery, maybe a 2200 mAh.

Good luck with your new project. You will get it sorted out. Remember, a fair amount of frustration is part of this building and testing process.


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