Quad vs. Hex

What are the distinctions between a quadcopter and a hexcopter? Why do some prefer to use hexcopter over quad and vice versa?

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    Further to this (with aerial photography in mind):

    Are Hexa's more stable?

    As good motors/ESC's/props are so reliable nowadays, is the redundancy of the two extra motors really that important in a hexacopter?

    Will a quad using the same electrical power (watts) as a hexa have the same lifting power of a hexa?

    Or if for the same lifting capablity are hexa's more efficient than quad's?

    Any other reasons not to choose a hexa over a quad?

  • A quad has four motors....  Sorry, couldn't resist a straight line...

    I use a hex over a quad for its lifting capacity,  I plan to carry a camera and gimbal system.  I also feel that the hex is a more stable and safe platform.  I had a prop failure at 100ft and was able to control the craft back to the ground.  If that happened to a quad, I would have a box of parts.

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