Quad vs Hexa vs Octo -copter. (Radial and coaxial) Advantages-Disadvantages?

Hi everyone :)

Althought it seems to me it's the first question that comes in mind when building a multirotor, there's not really much interest in determining which is the best design (deppending on the use) on the net.

I only could find some tri/quad comparation, but nothing comparing the CPU-balanced ones.

Could you please tell me the main (relative) differences between them (including their possible layouts like raddial/coaxial). Just smack here what you now  :P


 Skylens Aerial Photography

 Hexacopter Radial

 Holger Buss' MK Hexacopter

 Octocopter (Radial)


 Octocoper (Coaxial)


 Octocopter (linear?)
 AscTec Falcon 8

Photo credicts go to their mentioned owners

Thanks in advance :)

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Which page?

Any difference in ability to remain stable in strong, uneven wind ?

Well, this is kind of an old thread, but since none of the questions were never really answered, I don't think the admins will mind.

To answer your questions, I'd say that having more surface will affect positively the stability, so I guess radials are more stable. But dont really listen to me.

In the end, this toys are really unstable by nature, so what you really need is a good software to handle external fluctuations

Did you guys see the Small Girl Flies form Octocopter video ?  Crazy  http://youtu.be/6c1lzXBMcxM

Nice Job!

I would like to propose a couple of additional items.

1. Naming of drone types.

  • Seems like we need to make a common nomenclature.
    • Example of top level classes with each having sub classes.
      • Drone types:
        • Blimp
        • Rover
        • Plane
        • Glider
        • Helicopter 
          • Slang:
            • Heli
            • Copter
        • Multi-Rotors 
          • Slang:
            • MR
            • Rotor
            • Multi
          • Use the term MR,Rotor,or Multi for short to avoid confusion in lingo.
          • This is obviously a deviation from a common use today, however the more popular drones become the more need there will be to have nomenclature to avoid confusion.
          • I'm sure this suggestion will go over like a box of rocks, but I'm curious what others think.

2. A thread should be started to catalogue the components people use to help other understand what components are available and allow the community to comment on component level features from items they fly.

  • Example
    • The main bearings on the motors I chose are not a FRU they cannot be removed. Hence it the bearing breaks the motor is junk. (Which is sub optimal, luckly they are cheap!)

@ Neil: Your innitiative is great, and I think it shoudl be done.

But the point about this thread (which is already some years old) was to ask the differences betwen the most common multi-copter configurations. Which is the most stable, which has the greates lift-power to power consumption ratio and thinks like that under the same conditions. But those question never gor really answered.

I wasnt doing a clasification back then (maybe my post was wrong interpreted). I was doing a question because I couldnt find any satisfactory info on the net. The shame is I still dont have those points really clear :S

Yeah totally understand, Honestly was just doing some reading and saw this, thought you had a great idea/request and wanted to expand to see if there was any interest. I didn't notice at the time how old the thread was!

Thanks for the response, I may work on putting together a document that would help answer your questions for all the other that have them/will have them.


That would be simply awesome. I really encourage you to continue :)

Please, if you get to write that document, let me know it. Im really interested ;)

> can you tell about the different type of octocopters.
> Because i try to do an octocpoter, but i couldnt decide which design will be best for me.
> What are the advantages each of them?

Just as a reply to this question:
I've built a V8 Octocopter (like the Falcon 8, but a little bigger), just because i liked the design and the advatedge to have a clear view to the front.

BUT... this design has one big disadvatedge: It is sensitive to side wind and it is sensitive to wind from the front if it's not exactly from the front.
Best flight performance is backwards or with the back toward the direction where wind comes from.

The A2 DJI system has two rotor configurations, a single motor at front or a pair in a V as the front of the multi-octo.

Has anyone tried them both and noticed any difference in flight characterisitcs?

What were you using to fly this v8 design? I just put one in the air and it feels to have no yaw. Pitch and roll are fine though. Thanks!

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