Quad with Turnigy G10-810kv with 13x45 props. What do you think?

Dear All,

I have used eCalc to calculate my quadcopter, but prior to going ahead with it I would like to hear your opinion. I would like to use the quadcopter to test my own control loops and I want the platform to be able to carry some weight (probably an SLR camera, additional batteries...).

Following are the parameters:

Number of Motors: 4

Weight: 2000g

Battery: Zippy Flightmax 8000mAh 4S1P 30C

ESC: 50A

Motors: Turnigy G10-810 (810kv / 375W / 42A / 140g)

Propeller: 13x45

Here are the eCalc results:

Battery Max. Load: 18.1C

Flight Time Hover: 19.55 min

Add. Payload: 2638g

Find attached the PDF printed complete simulation.

What do you think?



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Unfortunately it seems that the 20 min hovering time is with 2000g weight. The Add. Payload only tells, the additional payload which the quad can carry with these motors. For a diferent weight than 2000g, I have to re-simulate. The flying time decrease very fast with the weight increase. What it is interesting with this configuration is that you can achieve the hovering only with 27% throttle... at least this is what the simulation tells. This means that the quad is going to do quick and agile movements. At least this is what I  understood about my simulation.



Im in the process of building an octocopter with G10 810kv. They are awesome! Only thing is that they come with horrendous prop spinners. Im making my own for a smaller hub prop.

The G10s have a 5mm shaft. The prop spinners you get are half the size of the motors, with a shaft size of 8mm! I would imagine props that have an 8mm boss for the shaft would be alot bigger than 12 inches??? Yet HK recommend a 12x6 prop, but they dont have any that have a large enough hub size. *sigh* Irrespective of this the motors are magic! I tested one out a few hours ago, attached it to a plank, put the plank in the vice and all I had was an original 10x4.5 black arducopter prop, I balanced it, drilled out the hub to 8.2mm. Standing behind the motor (just in case the prop decided to disintegrate) I gave it full throttle! Even with a 10" blade, it felt like I was sticking my head out of a car moving at 70mph! And thats just 1! With 8, i think i might just sell my car ;)


Which ESC do you plan to use with the G10 on your quad ?

Hey Javio, nice config, good efficiency. Try to lower the mAh for the battery and check if the flight time drops too much. A lower mAh will also be lighter. I'm flying a 1500gr quad with 3S 5000mAh with 2812 930kv motors and I'm getting about 10m hover.

I will try it, at the moment I am building the quad, I am waiting for most of the parts (I guess APM 2.0 is going to arrive on febrary-march). I am waiting for the boom holders in order to design the cnc machined center plates, the motors in order to find a solution for motor mounting, and so on...

Thank you very much for the info about the spinners. I was hopping that they come with 5mm shaft (the shaft of the spinner)... This is a real setback as far as I found 13x4.5 propellers for 5mm shaft. Fortunately I didn´t buy the propellers yet!!

Dear All,

as already told by Gareth Rens, the G10 comes with a prop spinner of 8mm!!! Any ideas about to mount a 13x4.5 propeller with this motor? Somebody knows a 5/5 mm prop spinner (5mm motor shaft and 5mm prop spinner shaft) or any other solution?

Thank you very much.


Im going to be using a nyloc for attaching the props. Safer I think.

Also the hole in the prop hub is 5mm, im going to tap the prop using a 6mm tap.

Then the prop screws on and you put the nyloc on. No chance of anything coming loose.

Also there will be two grub screws to fix the spinner to the motor shaft.



If you like I can make 4 extra?

Oh yes, it is awesome!!! That would be great! Tell me what do you need or how much it will cost!

Thank you very much.


All I need from you is:

Do you want the shaft that the prop fits on to be 5mm or 6mm?

6mm looks better and is more substantial. What size are the holes in your prop hubs?

I'll charge you $5 / spinner. So it would be $20 for 4.

Also i need your address so i can get a quote on shipping.

Do you want fast shipping or slow shipping?

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