Hi....I have excitedly just bought my first quadcopter. I've followed the instructions to assemble it and believe it is all good to go. Unfortunately, when I try and fly it, I can't seem to get it to lift off the ground. I can apply maximum throttle and it still doesn't lift off. It has a gimble attached, but no camera, so in theory it should be able able to carry a significantly heavier weight than it currently does. I've double-checked the rotors and they are attached correctly, everything seems to be as expected, except that it doesn't lift off. I can't help but think there is something very simple that I have over-looked. Any ideas or help appreciated?



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Good, so the motors are spinning the right way. Swap the positions of the cw/ccw props then and give it a try. Stand back, because it will fly.

UPdrafts??? They're supposed to be DOWNdrafts...

John, you are a genius! I got a wobbly and lopsided lift-off in my living room. Will try it out tomorrow properly. Thanks.

Cool, glad you got it sorted, it does make sense though to triple check everything.

Yeah! Thanks for both your suggestions and help :)

pienk knew what was up. You just needed some tactful coercion supported by details. ;)  Have fun!

That copter looks like a HK bumblebee but with different Landing Skids.

May I ask where you picked this up, and what you payed for it? I checked the site you linked to but they only sell complete kits (unless that is what you have)

N00B here, but your props look wrong.  If you are configuring it in an "X" mode, then the arm with the red tape is the front-left, and the prop should be spinning clockwise.  If you are configuring in a "+" arrangement and the arm with the red tape is the front, then that prop should be moving clockwise.  You have it installed counter-clockwise.


Hello. I had the same issue but i fixed it. Now when i try to hover my drone it is toppling It is not getting off the ground steadily. why?

Don't hiijack a three year old thread. Start a new one.

The biggest mistake that noobies make is to take off gently.  Don't do that.  Take off briskly, full throttle. With practice you can launch to a hover at ten feet easily.  

Multirotor aircraft tend to be unstable because the motors, esc's and props are all slightly different. This means that at low or medium power, like a gentle takeoff, one of the props will be developing less thrust than another.  Perfect setup for a tip-over.

Yes. I was trying to take off very slowly. I was scared that I might crash the drone. This is my first time. Also, I'm working indoors. Anyway, I'll take the drone to a bigger space and try to take off briskly. Thanks a lot. 

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