i took interest in the Spidex 3D printed Micro FPV Quadcopter. I am up to all the final stages of building and have attempted to fly multiple times. First we had a problem with arming but it was a simple fix. Then we attempted for lift off. After building acceleration just as it was about to lift a blade will brake off or it would hit parts of the frame. I did whatever i could to make sure no wires or any other props were in the way of the propellers and it spun fine. so we tried another time, this time it went up for a total of 2 seconds give or take and it looked as if it flipped over, although we tested self balance of the board and done many ACC Calibration tests to the work site we attempted to fly from. We have checked all ESC plugs and done many resets. We notice that the frame seems to bend and vibrate when the quad gets close to liftoff , which leads me to believe the frame is whats stopping it from take off. If you have any ideas we haven't tried or anyone we can get in contact with that may have a solution to our problem would be greatly appreciated by me and my class.

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