This is my first quadcopter and It goes to a side slowly and it does a oscillation when i try to roll. Can anybody tell me how to fix it.

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Good move to include a video but a few more details would be appreciated to allow analysis of your problem.

What APM are you running?

What version of Firmware have you installed?

Can you upload the flash log from the APM so we can see what the quad was doing internally?

What calibrations have you done?

What motor, esc and battery combination are you running?

Volunteers spend a lot of time analysing user faults, so the more info you can supply the better this time can be used.

i have APM 2.5 and i have firmware 3.01v. I did comps calibration and level calibration few time. Battery im using is 4000mha 3s battery with 20A ESC. Props im using is 1045

i'll try flying again and see whether i can grab the logs

This is my last log and last time it did this oscillation and broke one of my props


I have had a quick look but the basic info is a bit beyond my interpretation, especially the ERR and PM lines.

Are you in Stabilise mode during your flights?

Can you enable motors and IMU in the log and do another test flight?

There is definitely something not right that I am not seeing.

yes, it was on Stabilize mode and when i put it on to ALT hold i have more control but still when i roll sometimes it goes on to oscillation. Most of the time it want end up with a nice landing. broke 6 props so far. IDK what to do at this point.Thinking of finding big field and put it on to the Auto tune mode to see whether that helps

I think i figure out why, Gyro gain is so high that it makes oscillation

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