I'd like to try a quadcopter with motors facing down. This setup could possibly provide better stability in the wind (hypothetical), I'm only guessing here. Since nothing will obstruct the prop wash, this could help. Now I'm not sure if I can use normal quad APM firmware for this (with motors facing up).. What do you think ?


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I know this post is old, but I have an idea and I wonder if it has been done. I want to put 2 motors facing down and 2 opposing motors facing up. I will have nothing above or below so I am hoping in theory to be able to put larger props on a smaller frame.

Hey Paul! don't sweat the old post. Yes I think that's been done' but assuming you have a square frame I don't think its worth it. Plus the props up above will cause more turbulent flow over the props underneath - causing reduced efficiency, more vibration and potentially bad attitude control.

It might be more worth it in something like a hex where the props are only close to their nextdoor neighbors, and very far from the opposing prop 

How do you change the motor direction in APM Planner 2? I do not see any options for that.


DG said:

Nothing changes for the firmware, but performing Auto Tune is a good idea.

Mounted the same why. The props are flipped (print always faces upward) but stay on the same motor,  and the motor rotations are reversed.  Very simple.

It can be a brain teaser, but with the motors facing normal up and spinning clockwise while viewed from above, when flipped over the props are spinning ccw when viewed from above. Therefore the motor rotation must be reversed from whatever direction they were spinning before flipping.  I've done it at least 17 times so have retained in memory :)

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