Quadrotor: Two Parallel Lipo vs. One big Lipo

Here is the conundrum:

A) 2 bateries 3000 mAh in parallel, powering the four engines.

B) 2 bateries 3000 mAh, each powering two engines.

C) 1 battery 6000 mAh, powering the four engines.

Also, if bateries are in parallel, how is the voltage monitoring affected? Could one relly on monitoring only one battery?

I assume they will balance themselves, is that an issue, considering both packs will be exactly the same model (and will always be used in the same setup, so same age and cycles).

For motors, its the Towerpro 3015-7 (re-glued magnets).

  • 1000 RPM/v
  • 470 W
  • Max Eff Current: 30A
  • Max current: 40A

Propellers probably going to be 9x6, or 9x5, or 10x4.7

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Hey, thought I would answer one of your questions, because I have had a bad experience with it.

On my first and only quad, still flying it by the way, I started with two packs. They were wired to two separate motors each. Now I remember my first flight, the quad, when I made it turn, it would wobble when I stopped the turn, and when rising in height, it would also wobble.

After draining the batteries, and a couple of dissatisfying flights under my belt, the light bulb came on. I checked the battery volts of each pack and sure enough the voltage wasn’t the same. This will affect the rpm of the motor set.

I assume that the two motors per pack use different demands of voltage, when turning the quad because of the different rpms need for that to be accomplished. This voltage fluctuation my make it hard for the APM to balance the frame, nice and stable.

I put a jumper wire between the two packs, and went for another flight; the stability was the difference between night and day. I checked the packs after the flight; it should be obvious that they now had the same voltage.

I still use two packs with the jumper wire between the too. I can only imagine the ease of plugging in, balancing and placement of one pack on any airframe.   

Prop section, like any airframe is trial and performance. In my experience, if your props have you flying with a low throttle input, then there is very little stick movement, one to two clicks, between up and down flight. A smaller less thrusting prop will give you more slack, if you will, between stick movements, making the airframe less sensitive, and easier to fly.

My quad on fresh batteries, does not like to hover without constant stick movement. As the packs deplete, the voltage drop decreases the rpms, making the quad less sensitive, needing three to five clicks on the throttle to change from hovering to ascent, much better.

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