Question about APM 1.2.4 setting for X8 quadcopters.

With the new APM 1.2.4 update, i was wondering, how do i select a frame for X8 quadcopters. Because, there is no option for X8 configuration. there is Y6 but no X8... PLEASE HELP...

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You mean an Octa in X configuration? Just load the regular Octa and select X in the setup process.

thank you for your reply.

Yes thats what i mean. 8 motors in the X configuration.

Which setup process are you referring to?

I have not seen this option.

A screen shot is much appreciated.

Thank you.

This one: 

ive seen this screen. the selection you made is to configure the orientation of the APM with regards to the frame. Also in this selection that you made, you have selected all of  "X8 Octo", "Hex", "Octo".

It is still not clear how I can select X8 frame. Do help.

DT: I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean by X8. Do you have a picture?

I has two motors on each arm like a Y6

but in a quad configuration

if your frame is four arms with 8 motors "Octa QuadCopter"  you need to manually edit the APM_config file and upload your sketch using arduino IDE

search the wiki for OCTA_QUAD setup


I see I see, I have read through it and will try it tomorrow. Thank you for your help. I will update this thread soon. Thank you for your help.

I would appreciate some help too. I cannot find the apm_config file that contains a 'frame_type' parameter. 

Would truly appreciate a more thorough explanation. I'm using Mission Planner 1.2.11 mav 1.0 and that is the only thing I have installed. 


-What other software do I need to install to configure the frame type to Octa_quad?

- Can I still use mission planner to change PID settings, etc?

- What is the name of the config file to change when using mission planner 1.2.11 (could not find anything in the directory that contains frame_type in a config file?

I'm lost, which is too bad as I just spend a day building the OctoQuad, assuming it would be supported. I'm actually surprised it is not. 



Apologies, now that I'm more awake after a night of sleep, instead of after a day of building:


I think I can figure this out, based on Marco's input. However, if someone could answer the following question: is Mission Planner still valid to use to change PID, etc settings?





I was able to easily make it work using the instructions:

I have also added a reply to that thread with links on how to upload custom code. My home built frame Octa Quad hovered just fine using default parameters and even hovered after sabotaging two motors (just disconnected them).

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