Question for those who film with a GoPro and the Tarot 2D Gimbal

I have been using my T2D gimbal and it works great, but I run in to a problem when I try to download the footage.  The Tarot USB plug that goes with the gimbal makes it so that I can't remove the SD card from the camera.  It's not too hard to take the plug out, but it seems rather fragile and I think it would break eventually.  Instead, I download them through the camera WiFi but it's somewhat slow, generally only 1.2-1.5 MB/s and after downloading for a while it will randomly drop to about 420 KB/s or 92 KB/s (weird but it does this reliably).  I can get it to go back to full speed by pausing the download for 5-10 seconds then resuming but it's a pain.

And thus the question:  How is everybody pulling their videos from the GoPro when using this gimbal?

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I do it with one of these,  or at least one that looks just like them, it came from an old docking station.

There is just enough clearance not to stress the USB connector on the gopro (a sensitive subject with me at the moment....)

I have the tarot gimbal with the screw-in metal clamp to hold the GoPro. I also have a cable into the USB socket for FPV, resulting in a very narrow gap over the SD card area.

I have attached a piece of tape either side of the card, folded over about 10mm from the card to make a 'pulling' handle.

I can press the card in with a tiny screwdriver to get the holder to release, then pull the tape on the card with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Reverse to re-fit.

Not exactly elegant, but better than unscrewing the card every time.

I had the same problem, and bought one of these

You still need to take shave a little bit off the corner with a sharp blade to get it to go in easily. Now I just hook up to USB and download. I don't have the Tarot USB plug installed though.

Hopefully Tarot's V3 of the gimbal will have a quick release for the camera!

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