Question on using multiple 3dr radios to control multiple drones

Hello all!

I was looking at q-ground control and noticed that mavlink supports up to 255 devices. This got me thinking. How does one go about controlling multiple drones at a physical communication level?

Using the 3dr 915 mhz radios - Can I simply have multiple remote units for the drones and a single usb unit for the laptop? Since mavlink includes a device id would this act like mesh network where each drone and each ground station using the 915mhz frequency can hear all the other signals?

Can anyone help me understand better how this works?

Thanks all!

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I was wondering the same thing. I have 4 quads that I want to turn autonomous and i would love to be able to launch all of them at once  and control them from one laptop.

what about this scenario: you set one quad for auto mission. the second quad will use the "follow me" which will follow first quad. you just need to add a second telemetry on 1st quad. and the chain could continue... never tried, but should work. effectivelly you control just 1st quad and second one follow the first and so on.

what do you believe, it will work?

Criro - your idea may work but I would like to be able to have all of them speak with a ground control software and each other at the same time.

It seems you are describing a one to one network when I need something that will allow 1 receiver to listen to many drones and issue commands to many drones at the same time, while also allowing the same for each drone to listen to its neighbors.

Hi folks,

Any feedback on this? We're wondering about the same question. We're using a 433MHZ, but it shouldn't make a difference.


I am wondering as well, no one ever tried this? I had a look on the datasheet for the used  chipset and I can not find any information about multi-link, multi-point.... connection and also nothing in the current firmware But I also did not find anything why it should not work.

I know it should work with the (older) xbee version, would love to get information about it!

You're looking in the wrong place.  The radio is built around a SiLabs Si1000 radio chip.  SiLabs has written firmwares for it that does point-to-multipoint, multipoint-to-multipoint, broadcast, and mesh networking.

It's called EZMac...

Ah nice to hear that! Thank you very much for pointing in the right direction! Has anyone tried any of the multipoint or mesh configurations?

I haven't yet, but probably will at some point.  I'm starting to play around with the RFM50 modules, which are like the ones used in the 3DR radio, but actually have the processor pins exposed.  It's much more useful and probably cheaper than the older modules 3DR is using.

I'm just trying now and found this link. I have two ground and two remote 915 Mhz, but only 1 of each for the 433 Mhz. I'm trying to prove interacting with multiple UAVs via software I've been working on and jjust hit this roadblock. 

I'll have a crack at this on the weekend, however the 433's are loaners though, so I will need to get permission before I start playing around with the firmware. Will post when I have an answer.

Has anyone figured this out?

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