Question Re: Wiring & Parameters for Flying Wings with Yaw Control

Hi everyone, I am trying to create a flying wing with spoilers on the winglets for yaw control; everything works as it should in manual mode but my problem is that in FBW-A and STABALIZE modes the “yaw” servos on channel 4 do not move at all no matter how much I move the airframe about its’ axis.  Conversely, both elevons work just fine in all three of the aforementioned flight modes.

The enclosed diagram shows how I have my system wired, the relevant parameters are included; the ones I think are most relevant are highlighted and my parameter file (burdwing.param) is attached to this post.

My guess is that with ELEVON_OUTPUT set to anything other than “0” there is some sort of bug where the yaw channel (CH4) is turned off…but I’m not sure.  Any suggestions would be a great help.


The enclosed pictures show my system; the mechanical yaw winglets have not been built yet, the yaw servos are on the pink midsection; I want to get the avionics working before I tackle the airframe-architecture part.


My setup is somewhat unorthodox; I tried to follow these directions as close as possible:


…but couldn’t get my elevons to work with the recommended settings therein. 

So to recap: the elevons are working and this wing flies! (see pic below) but I have no ability to yaw outside of manual mode.  Again, any help would be appreciated.

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Just a little above my pay grade, I have an idea but best let Tridge see this post! I wanted to say that is perhaps the clearest setup diagram I have ever seen on DIYD well done!

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