I have two questions about the flight copter in RTL mode
1) why, if the GPS is disabled and enters RTL copter goes to a height of 200 m and there is still a chaotic movement?
2) What happens if the motion mode RTL copter GPS loses the signal from the satellites?

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-RTL does not work without GPS obviously, otherwise how would AMP know the way ?

-There is a RTL default altitude of 100m that you can change in the flight planner screen of mission planner. That surprised me too the first time when I saw the quadcopter climb very high and I did not know why.

I do not know what would happen in case you loose GPS during RTL, I guess the copter is lost...

If there is no GPS fix, LAND mode is trigged instead of RTL.

The default RTL altitude is 15 meters and can be changed from Mission Planner.


So, if the GPS no fix, copter must shift to a LAND?

But I have a GPS no fix, and when you turn on RTL copter flies away.

What firmware version do you have ? Can you post a log of this ?

I did check in the code, a failsafe RTL will trig a LAND if there is no GPS fix.

If you ask for a mode change to RTL, then it should switch to stabilize if a home position has not been set.

I'm not sure about what we do if we have a home position, but the GPS did lost fix later. Let me check that.


We used the latest firmware. Logs of the first case can provide.

Flight logs are attached below, see from 92%

The second case is similar, but there is no log. Flying without a laptop. 

Apparently the GPS is no fix and included RTL mode. When you activate the copter scored about 200 meters and flew away.


Do you have alt_hold working ?

You have a lot of vibrations.

Yes, alt_hold working. If the actual mapping log approximately 60% will be seen for entering alt_hold and fly in it.

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