I can't get to work the radio calibration.

In the terminal i get this error as you can see in the image and the video shows.

Can anyone help?


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I had a similar error when the COM port was already in use. Not sure if this is the same

No, i assign a com port only for this, even change to other and in diferent PC's and happens always the same.

This maybe of little use, but have you triple checked your connections, and installed the latest Arduplane and Missionplanner software?

Sorry then mate. All I can think of is the usual baud rate checks and the rx/tx being the correct war around. Let me know if you find the problem!

Yes i check, and as you can see in the video the conection between the RX/TX works even passing throught the apm, only the apm don't grag the informations for calibration.

Yes i check , and the arduplane and software are the last one. 2.73 arduplane and last mission planner.

The connection os correct?

hmmmm, not sure what it could be, I guess you are using PPM, not PCM. Looks like it could be to do with the COM port/Baud rate settings then. when you move the plane around whilst connected with the USB, does the artificial horizon move when you move the plane around?

Is there any sign the plane is connected to the Computer? except for the fact it says 'disconnect' in the top right hand side.

the connections look okay to me. 

I change now ti pcm. Looks the same. It's connect to the computer, and no the horizon Don't move

should be on PCM ? or PPM?

regarding saying disconnect, it's to disconnect because the plugs are connected and i can comunicate with the apm

Can anyone help

I'm using PPM. But that doesn't look like the i guess. If the artificial horizon doesn't move when you move the plane around there is definitely an issue with the com ports or baud rates i think. Do the lights on the APM work as they should?  


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