I have the APM 2.5+ with telemetry and GPS units. I have a 6 channel receiver and a radio controller. I have channels 1-5 connected to inputs 1-5 of the ArduPilot. I am planning on using it on a hexacopter. I have 6 30A ESC and 6 brushless motors. I am using the ArduCopter V3.0.1 software for the hexacopter. 

Where is the roll, pitch, and yaw (from the radio controller) converted to the 6 rotor control output? 

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If I understand you correctly you are asking "how" the conversion takes place? OR are you asking for the exact spot in the code that conversion takes place?

Both would be nice, please and thank you. 

The conversion is done by different formulas within the APM code. PID Controller Design -- This is a good site to get you started into the world of PID controllers, which is what the APM uses to do the conversion. I'm not sure what the exact formula they use, but this will be close enough so that you can get your feet wet.

Tl:Dr -- The basic idea is that you controller puts out a certain frequency on each channel (roll, pitch, yaw, etc.). This frequency is (2.4Ghz) with a power of 0-1000hz give or take (terms may not be 100% correct but it will get you close). The APM code will crunch these numbers and output a corresponding power to the ESC of each motor, which will make it spin faster or slower. 

As for the exact locations in the code... you will have to wait until someone who is much smarter than I with the code to answer it... I have never looked at the code.

Ok, thank you very much for the info. I appreciate it. 

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