Hello All,

I've been gaining confidence with the Arducopter over the last few weeks.

One thing I've noticed that is very similar to dirt-bikes...when in doubt, gas it.

Elevation, orientation, recovery...(for me)

When I'm bringing the copter down from higher up I get a fairly violent oscillation as it comes down quickly. I get on the gas to slow descent, and it's fine.

I'm just wondering if this is just a property of the hardware, or if there are gains that can create a more stable, quick descent.

Thank you!


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That's called "flying into your vortex" and is a problem with any rotary wing craft. It is to be avoided ;-)
fly forward/backward/ to the sides or yaw while descending to avoid it ;)

Hope this embeds correctly...


Thanks for the info guys.  Learn something new every day!



Can this be compensated for in software to detect rapid oscillation upon descent? Think i will look in to it a bit but had to ask.



it would be a challange, nobody has done this yet, afaik

everything is possible ;-)

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