Are there any plans to build an autopilot based on Raspberry PI ? That would make sense IMHO. There are two major advantages: one could use 3G modems to control the plane and cheapo USB webcams

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still I.them might aw well use an arduino to controll bulk of stuff and use rasp to stream video and let me control the plane.. well all it takes is just serial connection with arduino to make it to work

sorry sorry I am not a native speaker of english and I am seriously fucked up - but my point is valid

No problem. I'm not native speaker too. lol
(just a quick correction, "I am seriously f***ed up" is saying that you, as a person, is messed up. That sentence is basically saying that you are weird and etc. I guess you are trying to say that "I seriously f***ed up", which means that you messed something up.)

Anyways, using the rasp to stream video and control the plane is actually possible. You just need something else (Ardupilot, or a general stabilization system like the fy90) to stabilize the plane.
You can probably run some sort of video analysis software on the rasp so that it can pan and tilt the camera to track an object (this will be really cool if someone can figure it out).

what I was trying to say was that I was a bit drunk at that moment and I guess it's 100% correct... but thx ;-)

You could use a raspberry pi in combination with a custom board with all the low level sensors, running APM, and let it communicate with the pc. Oh wait, you could just use an apm 2.0 and connect it to the raspberry pi board via usb ;)

true - and that's probably the easiest route.... though let's be honest - it would be better to have just raspberry pi and an addon shield... plus it would be cool to do things such as change the route in mid air...

ohh and have you notived that an android mobile could replace your autopilot ?? it has GPS, gyros, 3G modem, Wifi and a freaking camera - you can even connect them with arduino

well I don't think there is any point in using raspberry PI... it would make more sense to use both ardupilot and an android phone... I do know there is a group advocating using 3g modems and phones to send telemetry data - search for '3g' or '3g modems'

Do you have a RPi? Plug in a webcam and tell me what you think of the framerate you get. (yeah, old thread...)

You can program the raspberry pi bare bones like an avr (ie running your programs without having Linux in the background).

I don't think the rpi has enough special purpose IO pins though (eg. PWM pins)... perhaps you can connect an avr via spi to send motor commands



Nope I don't have one... lost interest when I realised it's just an overhyped junk which is actually worse in many ways than an average android phone in almost all respects

ohh speaking of those 3G modems and android devices, look what I created here ->

le'ts just say that sending serial data to the android device is easier to achieve than you think

It is all possible to do, and relatively easy, since most of the code already exists. Also, easy to switch Ardupilot to raspberry PI.

BUT I see why nobody did that. There is no point for 3D Robotics doing this. Can't make any money on software-only solution. There is no point for Paparazzi crowd doing this, since paparazzi autopilot is already robust enough (well, may be in the future).

In gereral, I think there is NO good model for making money on any pure open-source software, especially in high-tech sector. In the recent years one could make good money on open hardware though, just because of limited access of general public to prototyping machines, and relatively expensive prototyping services. So, it didn't matter if hardware is open or closed. It is so different with open software. Everyone can compile and run software. Hence, appearance of some bulky services where you have to register and access API using a "key". Like google maps API.

You are rising the question of latency but, (I'm not a linux specialist) to my knowledge the linux kernel offers realtime capabilities. Isn't the ar.drone running on linux ?

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