Would anyone be able to link me to any online resources on understanding rc channel mixing? I have seen some of the setups here in the forums but I am really interested in understanding how it actually works and what all the numbers mean. I have a Spektrum DX7s (extremely unhelpful manual) and I am specifically interested in mixing rudder and camera pan, and also adding flight modes (I have seen the link in the manual for 6 modes but for some reason I am only getting 5). Anyway, I just want to be able to understand how it all works. Thanks.

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No links, sorry, but if you want to use rudder as camera pan then it sounds like something opposite from mixing. Looks you want to provide rudder stick movement to two separate channels (one for rudder, one for camera pan) to be able to set min/max for them separately.

The idea of mixing is to move one stick/switch/potentiometer to control many channels at once.

Assume you have a fixed wing plane with propeller above wings. When increasing throttle you provide bigger force above the center of gravity of the plane so the plane tends to go down on bigger thrust. You could use mixing here: add a bit of elevator from throttle stick. This is mixing.

Simple setup is:

CH1 = 100% * elevator_stick


CH3 = 100% * throttle_stick

With mixing described above it would be:

CH1 = 100% * elevator_stick + 5% * throttle_stick

So actually throttle stick will change two channels: 1 and 3. This 5% is some arbitrary value, that one has to find.

Thanks for the reply and the clarification. The two things I am trying to accomplish are to 

1) Flick a switch and make it so the rudder stick allows me to pan a camera, then flick back for rudder control.

2) Use the flaps switch to access 3 flight modes, then flick another switch that allows the flaps switch to access 3 additional flight modes. I followed the instructions posted in the forums on how to do this for a DX7s but for some reason it only allowed for 5 modes.

I know the flight modes solution is handled through the "mixing" settings in the transmitter but I'm not sure at all how to accomplish the camera pan/rudder.

Either way, just with trial and error I haven't come very far and any resources or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the reply Marooned.

I haven't used other radios than my (FlySky 9x flashed with Er9x) but in order to accomplish your goal you will have to "store" the value of the channel output while switched to other channel. I haven't heard of such feature to be honest.

Without that "store" feature you can do it pretty easy BUT the inactive channel will be set to default value.

You need to play around with your radio but on Er9x I could assign two channels to the same input (rudder stick) and add activation switch for one and negation to another. Thanks to that I will control one of two channels with one stick but as I said, the other will be reset to default as there is no "store" feature when switch is inactive. (This is a guess anyway, haven't checked that).

Dear Doug

I use also a DX7s radio and want to use 6 flight modes (5 would also be ok) but it doesn't work. I followed the tutorial in this forum (http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/getting-6-modes-out-of-channel-...) but for me it does not work.It would be nice if you could help me on that topic.


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