What is that RCTimer ArduFlyer V2.5 Kit Flight Controller compared to 3D robotics? it seems to be the same but much lower price, it should be a stupid question, but why do they have such low price?

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Hi Greg,

Have you got it up and running yet?

Best regards,

I've got my arduflyer up and running for a while now.  It's running arduplane on a mscomposite swift II.

It has already done several missions, the longest of which a 9km mission with autolanding.  That one took 850mAh out of my 1000mAh battery, so it's about as far as can safely be flown with my config.

I followed the drone in my car with the telemetry module taped on the roof and laptop on the passengerseat with speech enabled.  Though I didn't see the drone until 500m from it's destination, I could follow it on the laptop the whole time while driving.

Anyway, the arduflyer works just fine.

I did have to reconfigure the gps though and rewire the cable.  

I have it working with APC220 telemetry modules, but a 3DR radio from rctimer is also on the way.

I have two of these boards... One works ok... the other does not work right... Every sec or two the copter would

twitch... or jump...    I changed back to APM2.0 and its gone... flies great now..... Also the other clone 2.5 will not work properly when I plug in my maxstream telemetry... I don't know if its something with the 2.5 or what because it works great on the 2.0...


Just a warning for those considering the RCTimer APM 2.5 clone: for some reason they messed up the 32u2 firmware, and it doesn't come with the DFU bootloader (it just has some unknown version of ArduPPM flashed directly). So you won't be able to upgrade the firmware on that chip without using an ICSP programmer, which can destroy the board if used incorrectly (wrong fuses set). 

Hi Chris,

Can you help me, I searched and could not find instructions for APM 2.5 programming of 32u2 nor the hex file to program it from.

Where do I find the latest hex file to program into the APM 2.5 32u2 ?

What are the correct fuse settings for APM 2.5 32u2 ?

I have all the Atmel programmers up to AVR ONE so I would be using ISP programming using Atmel Studio 6.0.


I also do have an Arduflyer 2.5 which is working fine, here are the fuse settings read from the 32u2 and 2560, I have attached the 32u2 flash and EEPROM Iintel hex files read from that Arduflyer 2.5 32u2

Detected device
Device name ATmega32U2
Device signature 0x1E958A

Datasheet information
CPU 8-bit AVR
Flash size 32 Kbytes
EEPROM size 1 Kbytes
SRAM size 1 Kbytes
VCC range 2.7 - 5.5 V
Maximum speed N/A

VCC = 5.2V

HWBE = [X]
DWEN = [ ]
WDTON = [ ]
EESAVE = [ ]
BOOTSZ = 2048W_3800
CKDIV8 = [ ]
CKOUT = [ ]

EXTENDED = 0xF4 (valid)
HIGH = 0xD9 (valid)
LOW = 0xFF (valid)


LOCKBIT = 0xFF (valid)


Detected device
Device name ATmega2560
Device signature 0x1E9801

Datasheet information
CPU 8-bit AVR
Flash size 256 Kbytes
EEPROM size 4 Kbytes
SRAM size 63 Kbytes
VCC range 1.8 - 5.5 V
Maximum speed N/A

VCC = 5.2V

OCDEN = [ ]
JTAGEN = [ ]
WDTON = [ ]
EESAVE = [ ]
BOOTSZ = 4096W_1F000
CKDIV8 = [ ]
CKOUT = [ ]

EXTENDED = 0xFD (valid)
HIGH = 0xD8 (valid)
LOW = 0xFF (valid)


LOCKBIT = 0xCF (valid)


Joe: All the instructions for APM 2.5 are in the manual. But we don't support the RCTimer board, so can't help you there. 

Thanks Chris,

I had already looked at the manual, it shows an older board which is NOTHING like the current APM 2.5 clicking on the link to the file brings up a window that says the file is deprecated which is why I asked - where do I find the latest correct hex file to program into APM 2.5 ATmega32u2

As you correctly pointed out, it is dangerous to set fuses incorrectly, where do I find the correct fuse settings for APM 2.5 ATmega2560 and ATmega32U2 ?.

Atmel's FLIP has never worked for me, I have all the latest ATMEL tools hardware and software, I just need the correct up to date information.

The entire Manual is full of the same old and bits of new mix, a lot of guessing involved trying to make things fit the current APM 2.5 board.

Months ago I assumed it was work in progress, however after all this time, APM 2.5 new board has been out long enough, I don't find up to date information clearly meant for APM 2.5

I did not and do not expect you to support RCTimer, I simply thought you may be interested in seeing what they programmed it with, the subject of your post, my mistake, sorry.

Is this the current file for APM 2.5 32U2 ? ArduPPM_V2.2.68 ATMega32U2.hex

The APM 2.0 and 2.5 boards work the same in regards to the ATMega32u2 (they look a bit different but the pins are the same). As the manual says, the latest PPM encoder hex files are in the repository here.

We're moving the manual over to a new platform, and everything will be focused on the APM 2.5. But between ArduCopter, ArduPlane and ArduRover there are many hundreds of pages and hundreds more images, so it's a non-trivial task and probably won't be done for another month or two. Please let me know if there's any page in particular that you think should be updated for APM 2.5 more quickly.

Thanks Chris, much appreciated.

Hi Chris and Joe,

Sorry... I am being a noob here.. Just trying to understand your statement... "So you won't be able to upgrade the firmware on that chip without using an ICSP programmer"


Does that mean that I cannot load Arducopter 2.9 when it will be available ??? Or are we talking about some other firmware ??? I am currently running 2.8.1 and it works great... However, I have another two sets of APM 2.5 bought from DIY.


Another point... the boards that came from DIY were deep purple in color and did not come with any code loaded. The red blue and green lights were running in sequence upon connecting to the USB.

Whereas, the board from rctimer are not that deep purple in color and also came with 2.8.1 loaded... dont know why ??? Is that something that we are talking about here??? and should that really bother me as an end user ???


Thanks for your time.

Hi Saurabh,

Your confusion is understandable and I suspect it's a little what Chris intended.  He wants to scare you out of buying an RCflyer and push you into buying from his company, 3DR.  A normal reaction, he's protecting his income.

Let me assure you that you CAN upgrade to arducopter 2.9 on the arduflyer when it comes out, just like with a 3DR board.  The 32u2 chip is the small processor that handles your inputs from your receiver, combines them and feeds them to the main atmega2560 processor.  Actually this chips hardly ever needs updating.  I've never update mine in 3 years.

Updating a new arduplane/copter firmware is done on the atmega2560 chip (not the 32u2), which works just fine on the arduflyer, either with arduino or with mission planner.

The fact that the arduflyer comes with the latest stable arducopter firmware loaded is just an extra service from RCTimer.  You can change this firmware on the arduflyer, just like with 3DR boards.  I have changed the firmware on my arduflyer to arduplane 2.66 with mission planner.

So in short, as a normal enduser you most likely will never have to update that 32u2 chip.  You shouldn't worry about it. 

Thank you very much Joe, for those hex files and the fuse settings!



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