What is that RCTimer ArduFlyer V2.5 Kit Flight Controller compared to 3D robotics? it seems to be the same but much lower price, it should be a stupid question, but why do they have such low price?

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Chris: Who are "we" in "we don't support the RCTimer board..."?
Are you saying us Diydrones users are not allowed to share where in the GIT this instructions is to be found, or do you say 3DR doesn't support Arduflyer boards.

You have two hats, and sometimes this can be difficult to know which hat you have on when answering. I will advise you to explicit write who you are representing when writing in the forum to eliminate people misunderstand you. Special in “hot” discussions.


To all:
I think we in this discussion has lost focus on why we are here at diydrones. We should share ideas for help each other enjoy our hobby. Please go out flying and then come back here with a big smile before you continue this forum thread.

Some people buy original products, some may buy cheaper models. I think we should be careful to judge each other for this. We should focus on our common interests and work together!


For Arduflyer users who want to update PPM Encoder you can find instruction for programming missing PPM Bootloader if you look in Arduplane manual. In “Source” on right side and then “Browse” you will see all the source code of the ArduPlane/Copter projects. Under ArduPPM you will find usbdfu bootloader with *.hex file and instructions for updating. Updating can you do with a $5 USBasp programmer from Hobbyking.


Thank you to all users contributing to this project, and special to Chris Anderson for keeping it all together at diydrones.
For users not familiar with the source code. Please browse source in the manual and think of how many lines our developers have written with code to make this projects possible! Thank you!

I thought that the development of Ardupilot was done regardless of funding (i.e. how many APM boards we buy from 3DR) by this community of volunteers.

You sum it all up nicely Joakim.  Couldn't agree more.  And thanks for pointing out the instructions for loading the bootloader in the 32u2.  I have a $5 usbhasp from hobbyking, so when (if) the need ever rises to update the arduppm firmware, I'll give it a shot.

Thx !

+1 very well drafted

Finally some useful guidance! Hardcore 3dr supporters should be ready to embrace clones. The broader the support base the more secure 3dr will be. Ask yourselves have clones harmed or been a benefit to Intel and Microsoft? Bare in mind that in an open community support is a two way effort. Just because I've ordered an Arduflyer does not mean I'm boycotting all or any products available through the DIY Store. Thus support for further development by 3dr remains intact even though I'm trying something slightly different.

However if the DIY community closes ranks and 3dr locks down their products, like Apple corp, I will abandon DIY and support some other truely open source efforts. The old addage, "You attract more flies with honey..." was never truer.

Another difference between the ArduFlyer and the APM 2.5 seems to be in the mystery port which connects to the power module.  Using the 3DR power module with the ArduFlyer it only gets about 4.7V to the board.  Using APM2.5 gets the expected 5V.  Calibration and voltage/current detection seems to be a bit off as well due to that, but I haven't played with it extensively yet.

Thieves of R&D with forum sock puppets posting on the original's forum. Welcome to the modern world.

they call it smart business... survival of the fittest. LOL

if you are good in R&D you should be smart enough to protect your investment as well ... :)

take it with a pinch of salt buddy.... it happens...

You are very correct that you need to protect your investment, especially from the biggest thieves in the world. This is why all major technology corporations have counter-intelligence branches now... thank you China (and a few others). 

Yes, you can take it with a grain of salt and accept it as daily business because it will always happen, but don't excuse it as an appropriate practice.

Looks like I trolled the troll:)

I'll give it to you though, you bring up some good points which pertain specifically to this case.

You keep bringing up the licensing that the ardupilot is made under, and you say that 3DR "perhaps" wants it to fall under another.

The thing is, no one from 3DR is complaining. Your just assuming they feel a certain way and are running with it, but all evidence suggests that they are perfectly happy with the way things are. As long as they keep innovating, they don't have a problem.



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