I need to be able to receive telemetry data (just GPS coordinates and a few others) in real time via Mission Planner and pass to another application I am currently working on,

does anyone have any tips as to how I would do this? Is it possible in Mission Planner? 

Would I have to write something to connect directly to the USB port and decode the mavlink stream?

Many Thanks,

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I've tried opening the link, and when I saw this line on my PC:


what do those numbers mean? Because when I tried to convert it as ECEF to LLA, it doesn't show correct location information...

Can I get the lla (lat, lon, and alt) raw data from mission planner? Like the one shown on the HUD user items  


Michael Oborne said:

depending on what you want

you could just use http gets

from this url

when mp is running.

or you could use the microdrone output format, using control-f > microdrone.

which is a clear text format

divide by 1e7 to get the number in lla
ie -68905466 / 1e7

i have the same question, thanks

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