Hello everyone,

I've just registered to the forum, and I'm about to dive into my first quad/hex copter build, but I have one question...

Watching some of these videos of people flying, are obviously flying via FPV.  I'm really confused on how this works.  obviously the video streams to a laptop of some sort while flying with a radio controlled device.  What items do i need to do this sort of thing?  I'd really like to fly using the FPV.  (Along with the Go Pro)

I'm sorry if this is a commonly asked question - I've searched everywhere, I'm just not sure of the steps/products needed to do this.  CAN you use the Go Pro as your primary FPV camera?

Thank you very much in advance!


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Yes, you can use the GoPro for FPV since it does output a live video signal.  All you need is a transmitter, receiver and viewing device.  Here is a good place to start.

But - I recommend that you wait on the FPV and learn to fly first.

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