Guys (and Gals),

Please forgive my naiveté, I'm building my first quad around the APM flight controller.

Assuming I remove the power leads from all (except one) ESC, where does the receiver get its power?  Does it automagically get power from the APM or do I need to run a separate BEC to the receiver?

I'm using ESCs flashed with SimonK and a spektrum AR7000 receiver.

thanks in advance!

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If you're using the new APM 2.5+, it comes with its own power supply/sensor.  If you're not using that, you need one of the ESCs to provide power to both the APM and the receiver via the APM output pins (which that ESC will be plugged into anyway)

Perfect - thanks Chris.  I'll be using the power supply/sensor with the APM 2.5+.  

Just ordered it last week from the diydrones storefront, looking forward to getting my hands on it.

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