I have seen some info scattered around in various post but decided to post here so that a consolidated response from folks can be easily discovered.


Given that the motors at the store our typically out of stock, what motors have folks been using with good success. Granted this can depend on many factors so if you post your motor config, approx quad/hex/octo weight, prop size, and battery size and run time that would be helpful.


I look forward to your responses.




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I have 2000KV 10gram motors from hobyking, my quad is 360gramms with a 1000mAh 2S Lipo and i get 7 mins of flight time out of it

ESC: Turnigy Plush 25 A
Motor: RCTimer BC2836-11
Prop: Graupner 11x5 Elektro-Prop
Battery: Zippy Flightmax 5000 mAh 15 4s



My hexa prototype weighs 1.6 kg with one battery and 2.1 kg with two. With one battery it can hover for 22 minutes, with two it's a couple seconds short of 30 minutes. Forward flight time average at half these figures.

Hi Gary,

try having a search around for A2830-12, thats the model of the "stock" motor and seems to be available in quite a few places. It's unlikely to come with the nice long wires, but then again no nasty bullets either.

880kv large motors from the diy store

25amp turnigy Basic ESC

6000mah nano tech battery

12x4.5 composite props from jdrones store

34inches from motor to motor.

Looks messy in this pic, i'll try to get another soon.



Hi Gary,

For my quad I'm using four "hacker Style Brushless Outrunner 20-28M" from HobbyKing (see here). I'm using 9" 3 bladed props. It weighs about 1.6kg all up and is pretty nimble. Not sure how long the battery lasts though as I haven't yet flown it to exhaustion

From HK:
4 * FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv
2 * GWS HD8040 3 Blade Prop Counter Rotate
2 * GWS HD8040 3 Blade Prop
4 * Mystery 12A Brushless Speed Controller
ZIPPY Flightmax 1500mAh 3S1P 20C

about 600-700g, maybe 6min flight time.

PID (1.1,0.12,0.7) Yaw PID(3.5,0.12,1.5)

I use the Roxxy 2827-34 with APC 10".


I get about 25min out of a 35C 2800mAh with a copter of about 1,4kg.

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